Why You Should Choose Liberty Vault Door For Your Safe Room

Why You Should Choose Liberty Vault Door For Your Safe Room

Do you find that your current gun safes are inadequate for storing your valuable items that you have recently acquired? Are you looking to expand your collection of weapons and require additional storage space? Perhaps you're considering installing a panic room in your home to increase your sense of security. If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may want to consider the Liberty vault door. This specialized door is designed to transform any room in your home into a secure space, providing you with the extra space and protection you need.

The Importance Of A Quality Safe Room Door

Even if you have already decided that you need a panic room vault door, don't jump into conclusions and run to buy any vault door available on the market. It is important to choose the one that will fit your interior, give you and your valuables all required protection against burglars and fire, serve you long and look good.

Vault Doors from Liberty Safe

You can find the vault door with all mentioned above functionality and even more among Liberty Safe Vault Doors. The brand offers models from two series for you to choose from.

The Beast series provides exceptional 8th level of security and 2,5 hours of fire protection. The design of the door looks great in several available finishes. The doors of the series come in in-swing, out-swing, right-hand, left-hand options.

The Blockade series is more budget friendly option that offers 5th level of security and protects against smoke and heat. It comes in textured black color and left-inswing and right-inswing models.

Benefits of Liberty Safe Vault Doors

Further to the benefits of Liberty vault doors, we need to mention their heavy thick steel constructions. You may know that the heavier the vault door is the more quality and value it has. Liberty vault doors are equipped with the strongest bolts, relockers, slip-clutch mechanism, and a hardplate, made from the strongest materials and covered with quality finishes and paints. One more really significant plus of the Liberty Vault Doors is their advanced locking mechanism.


Speaking of locking mechanics, it is really worth noting that Liberty Safe vault doors are built with an internal lockout mechanism. It prevents the vault door from being open from the outside. It can be useful in case you are hiding inside the panic room, and are afraid that a criminal can get into it. This mechanism as well as all additional details we described above offer increased protection against intruders.

Increased protection against natural disasters and fire protection are achieved by means of the insulation, the strong high quality steel and the seal. Steel makes not only the protection against fire and burglars much higher but also provides sound reduction which is also important for security.

Customization Options

Even though all Liberty Safe vault doors have a well-thought-out design, there is still no limit for perfection. The brand offers a number of customization options. There are plenty of sizes, colors, finishes, hardware, types of locking mechanism you can choose from for your door. Libery vault doors are available in-swing, out-swing, right-hand, left-hand options.


Even the best vault door should be installed professionally, otherwise it will not provide 100% security and will be inconvenient to use. Vault door installation is not rocket science, however it requires professional help.

Frankly speaking, we recommend you consult with experts even before installation, while selecting the right door. They will help you to take into account all peculiarities of your room design and choose a proper match. The professional team may also help you deliver and install the door flawlessly.


If you feel confident that you are fully in buying a vault door, choose a dedicated store with knowledgeable staff. The Safe Keeper Henderson is a place where you can find information on all models of Liberty vault doors. Here you can not only purchse the vault door that will meet your needs and requirements but also find professional staff who will assist you in making your choice; and install your door the correct way.

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