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More About Liberty Home Safes

Liberty Safe home safes are represented in several Home and Premium models. Whereas the former feature 60 minutes of fire protection, a significant level of security, the latter have up to 90 minutes fire rating, equipped with of 1" composite door with the bigger and longer 1.25" bolts for more security. All Liberty home and office safes are offered with an electronic lock. The safes are available in various dimensions and interior designs. Being a Liberty home personal safe dealer, The Safe Keeper offers an abundant choice of their products. They are in stock in our showroom in Henderson or at our online store.

Questions & Answers

Are Liberty home safes fireproof?
Liberty home safes offer from 60 to 90 minutes at 1200 degrees of fire rating as well as a rating of up to 95,000 of BTU. A Liberty fireproof safe includes several layers of fireboard in the ceiling and walls.

Are Liberty home safes UL rated?
All Liberty home safes are UL-rated. That means that they showed resistance to entry attempts and passed other standardized tests.

Where to install a Liberty safe in home?
The best place to install a safe is the corner where two outside walls meet in a closet, study, or any other room. Liberty safe in home service should be placed so that an owner has immediate access to the content. If the valuables kept in a home safe are not very often used, the safe may be hidden in a garage or attic.