More About Liberty Safes

Liberty Safe has been operating in the USA market for about 30 years. For this time the brand has sold more than 2 mln units. Top-notch security, cutting-edge technologies, and competitive prices are the main factors that made the products of the brand outstanding. Today the company is manufacturing up to 450 Liberty safes for sale that are well-distributed nationwide by means of the dealership. The Safe Keeper is committed to selling the best American gun, home, and commercial safes. Thus, we run a dedicated showroom in Henderson where we have a wide choice of Liberty security and other safes, vault doors, and accessories. Our customers can also buy Liberty Safe products online at our store. Buying from us, our clients benefit from great customer service and the best prices on Liberty safes.

Questions & Answers

Where are Liberty safes made?
Every full-sized Liberty safe model is made in the USA. The safes of the brand also consist of top-quality steel and parts produced in America.

Are Liberty safes good?
Liberty safes are among the best in terms of security and affordability ratio. A safe by Liberty brand features a well-thought-out design and is made of only the right materials and components. They meet the highest standards of safe manufacturing.

How much do Liberty safes cost?
At our store, the price range of Liberty safes for sale starts at $799. It depends on the model, level of security, dimensions, and other features of the model. A number of Liberty safes are available for sale with a lot of optional features to buy for an additional price.