Liberty Freedom Series Gun Safes

Freedom Series | Level 2 Security | 40 Minute Fire Rating
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More About Liberty Freedom Series Gun Safes

Liberty Safe Freedom series gun safes offer the second level of security and 40 minutes at 1200 °F fire protection. They come equipped with the Palusol heat-activated expanding door seal for preventing fire and water from getting in. Freedom security safe by Liberty is loaded with 6 steel locking bars, relocker, drill-resistant door plate and a top-notch TopLit SecuRam electronic lock. The series is represented in three width options, so that a buyer may choose appropriate size for themselves. Convenient flex adjustable interior and stylish minimalistic exterior are two other benefits worth consideration. Another plus is Liberty Freedom safe light weight. It allows easier installation and delivery. Being an authorized dealer store, the Safe Keeper has a wide selection of Liberty products at the most competitive prices.

  • Fire Protection: 40 minutes 1200°F
  • Steel gauge thickness: 14 Gauge
  • Relocker: locks the safe down in the event of attempted brute force entry
  • Locking Bars: 6
  • Locking Bar Width: 4"
  • Locking Bar Thickness: 3/16"
  • Lock Protection: UL listed SecuRam toplit electronic lock (mechanical lock also available)
  • Protect The Lock From Attacks: Triple steel plate to protect the lock from drilling
  • Exterior: Door storage panel, Polished chrome drop handle, Textured finish

Freedom Series: Base Features and Comparison Chart

(Cubic Feet)
(Cubic Feet)
Freedom 30 60.5" x 30" x 22" 23.1 57.5" x 28" x 15.5" 14.6 24" 30 442
Freedom 36 60.5" x 36" x 22" 27.7 57.5" x 34" x 15.5" 17.8 24" 36 504
Freedom 48 60.5" x 42" x 22" 32.4 57.5" x 40" x 15.5" 21 24" 48 564
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