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Vault Doors

More About Liberty Safe Vault Doors

If you have a large collection of valuables, you may keep them behind a Liberty vault door. All doors of the brand are strong and reliable. They are built of high quality materials and come with Palusol heat-activated door seal, UL listed locking system, door reinforced with ¼" steel plate, dual relocker and lots of other security features. There are two models of Liberty Safe vault doors available at our store. The Blockade model offers 5th level of security and features 6 locking bars, it means a little less protection from thieves and fire than a Beast model. The latter has the 8th security level and comes with impeccable, up to 2.5 hours, of fire resistance and 18 locking bars for more security. Obviously, A Blockade Liberty vault door comes for sale at a cheaper price than the Beast one.

Questions & Answers

How secure are Liberty vault doors?
A Liberty vault door offers superior security. It is built from strong material and equipped with ½ inch thick locking bars that protect from pry attack. In addition, Liberty vault doors come with plenty of other security features including ¼" steel plate, robust steel frame, lock protecting hardplate, dual relocker and slip-clutch mechanism.

What are Liberty Safe vault door dimensions?
The demensions of Liberty vault doors vary depending on the model. Outswing model is a bit bigger ( 79" x 34") than the inswing one (77" x 30.5"). Vault door blockade features 78.5" x 29.5." Please note, that rough opening requirements are 3-5 inches more than the actual size of a vault door.

How much does a Liberty vault door cost?
The price for Liberty vault doors for sale varies depending on the model. One can buy vault door blockade a bit cheaper than the other models. Interior and exterior customization options can also affect the price of the door.

Liberty Safe Vault Doors: Base Features and Comparison Chart

Vault Door Beast Vault Door Beast Vault Door Blockade
Model The Beast – Outswing The Beast – Inswing Blockade – Inswing
# of Locking Bars 18 18 6
Locking Bar Thickness 1/2" 1/2" 1/4"
Door Dimensions 79" x 34" 77" x 30.5" 78.5" x 29.5"
Walkthrough Clearance If door is opened 90°, clearance is 27"; if opened 180°, clearance is 32" Door opens to 90°, giving you a clearance of 26.5" Door opens to 90°‚ giving you a clearance of 29.5"
Rough Opening Requirement 81"-85" H x 37"-42" W x 7"-10" D 82.5"-85" H x 39"-42" W x 7"-9" D For clamshell installation: 82"-85" H x 38"-42" W x 7"-9" D; For bolt-in installation: 82"-85" H x 38"-42" W x 5" or greater D
Hinge Options Both left-hand swing and right-hand swing available Both left-hand swing and right-hand swing available Both left-hand swing and right-hand swing available
Weight (lbs) 1,245 1,245 655