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Compact Vaults

More About Liberty Handgun Safes And Compact Vaults

Liberty handgun safe is a secure and convenient place to keep your pistol. The HD and HDX gun vault models are equipped with up-to-date security technologies. Each Liberty pistol safe has a strong body and a sophisticated locking system. There are models with cutting-edge biometric locks that offer anti-pry technology, strong latch system, and a 15 fingerprint memory storage. You can also opt to quick combo lock with 1,000 combination options or choose a key vault with simple and easy to maintain lock. Liberty compact vaults have a very convenient design and light weight for easy transportation in a car. They can be hidden underneath vehicle seats,closet shelves, under the bed or in a chest of drawers. The models offer a good price quality ratio and the price includes 2-year replacement warranty on any defects.

Questions & Answers

How secure are Liberty handgun safes?
A Liberty handgun safe is quite secure. The feature is achieved by means of the sturdy steel body of the storage and soft touch combo system with more than 1,000 combination options.

How much does a Liberty handgun vault cost?
A Liberty compact vault is not expensive. The price for one at our store varies within the range of $30-$180 depending on the size and included features of the vault.

Where to buy a Liberty handgun safe?
The best place to buy a Liberty handgun vault is from an authorized dealer such as The Safe Keeper. We guarantee 100% original Liberty products at the most attractive prices. Our professional team is here to assist you in choosing the vault which will meet your needs.