What is the best Liberty Safe fireproof gun safe?

What is the best Liberty Safe fireproof gun safe?

Fire protection is the second significant reason (after burglary resistance) of why people buy a safe. It is quite obvious that fire may happen anywhere anytime and only a safe with a reliable level of fire resistance can prevent your precious belongings from being damaged. Definitely not all safes can be trusted in terms of their fire protection but a fireproof Liberty safe can be.

Would you like to know what Liberty Safe fireproof gun safe can offer and which Liberty series is the best in this regard? If yes, then run through the article to get to know the main highlights.

Are liberty safes fireproof?

It is worth noting that some safes on the market claim to be fireproof by a manufacturer but in reality they are not. Their fire protection is approved by the manufacturer only which can be very subjective. Only safes that are tested by independent third party can be called fireproof. Liberty fire rated gun safes are checked by the National Institute of Standards and Technology for a full-scale house fire.

Regarding the series and model fire rated for Liberty gun safes offer from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours of fire resistance for firearms and other precious belongings kept inside them.

Fire ratings

Let`s have a look at how fire rating can be measured.

A fireproof safe can burn at a certain temperature for a certain period of time keeping internal temperature under 350°F. Knowing that a home fire is approximately is 1100°F, NIST immerses Liberty safe in the environment which heats it to 1,200 degree in 10 minutes and keeps it at that temperature for the duration of the test. That is what a true fire rating means. If we say that Liberty safe can survive 60 minutes at 1200°F, it is really so.

Speaking about some other safe manufacturers, they ramp up their furnace to 1200°F for up to 40 minutes and then claim their safes to withstand an hour at 1200°F. But it is pure cheating, as the safe was immersed in 1200 degree fire only for 20 minutes.

Have Liberty safes always been fire rated? Yes, and they continuously upgrade the fire rating of their safes.

The impact of three key features on fire resistance

How can Liberty Safe manage to create truly fireproof safes?
As for fire resistance, a gun safe such as a full-size Liberty safe, is equipped with the following three mandatory features.

  1. Thick steel bodies with a few welds only. Welds can allow heat and smoke to get into the safe. The thicker the steel and the fewer welds, the more fire protection a safe can offer.
  2. A superior door seal that keeps heat, fire and smoke out. Top quality safes like Liberty gun safes feature a heat-activated, expanding Palusol® door seal.
  3. Several layers of fire-rated board throughout the whole safe body such as walls, top, door. The layers should also be very tightly connected to each other, so that heat may not get inside the safe through gaps.

Liberty gun safes that offer the best fire protection

Unsurprisingly, not all safes are equal in terms of their fire resistance. Some Liberty safe series offer more. Are you curious to know the best of the best? The highest fire rated Liberty safes are the ones that belong to Presidential series and Magnum series. The former offers the thickest steel 7 gauge body and a 150-minute rating at 1200 degrees. The latter has 7-gauge steel safe body and unmatched 2.5 hours of certified fire protection.These two are among the leading gun safes in fire protection on the market.


To make a long story short, if you are looking to buy a fireproof safe, it is not a problem to find one. The market offers quite a number of series and models that claim to be fireproof safes. We are not going to figure out which of them are true and which are not. But we are 100% sure that if you buy a Liberty gun safe, you will get a safe with a true fire rating. We are also more than confident that Presidential series and Magnum series are top gun fireproof safes.

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