Why you should buy Liberty gun safe

Why you should buy Liberty gun safe

Choosing a good gun safe to buy is quite exhausting. On one hand, all of us are familiar with the experience of “buy cheap, buy twice”. On the other hand, we don't want to pay for the storage that costs “an arm and a leg” and includes a lot of unnecessary features.

Understanding the dilemma future safe owners face, the designers of Liberty Safe created a storage with only important features but of uncompromising quality. Would you like to know why Liberty gun safes stand out from others in terms of both value and price? If yes, read the main highlights below.

Made in the USA

First and foremost, Liberty safes are built by well-known reliable manufacturers and meet the highest standards of the industry. Almost all of them are made in the USA with accuracy and responsibility that Americans are famous for. More than 2 million Liberty gun safes have been sold so far. It means that the brand has a trustworthy reputation for a good reason.

Liberty Safe Builds Safes Considering Client Demand

One more remarkable difference that makes Liberty safes stand out from others is unprecedented attention to customer demands. The managers of the company collect enhancement requests from customers and assign them to Liberty gun safe engineers to consider. It should be admitted that several features that Liberty safes can boast were added referring to customers` feedback.

Security features

Nevertheless, security is the most important feature that makes a gun safe worth buying. Therefore, Liberty brand put a lot of effort to achieve top-notch security for their safes. In their endeavor to make their products robust, the engineers have equipped the safes with a few useful features. Unibody construction, composite doors, robust mechanisms, relockers, hard plates, slip-clutch handle make Liberty safes flawless in terms of security.

Rigorous fire testing

Additionally, Liberty Safe provides rigorous fire testing referring to guidelines developed by the U.S. Department of Commerce National Institute of Standards and Technology. They test their safes at 1200 degrees heat to guarantee that their fire ratings are legitimate. Buying Liberty gun safe you may be 100% sure that it will withstand fire in real-world conditions for the time the manufacturer promises. Moreover, Liberty safe owners proved the fire resistance of their storages with the stories about how their safes survived in fire.

Customer service

Furthermore, the Liberty team is constantly providing professional customer service. They are ready to handle any customer request or complaint so that they have smooth experience using the safe. The customer service of the company is located at a safe factory. Thus, they will always find the answer to even the most specific questions about their products.


Being absolutely confident in the quality of their products, Liberty brand can afford to provide extensive warranty for all their products. It means that the brand will not only fix any fire damage or pry attack but also provide you with removal, shipping and installation services. You may believe it or not, but the company covers everything related to warranty.


Summarizing all mentioned above, we don't see any reason not to purchase Liberty gun safe. Of course when choosing the right Liberty safe for you, more questions may arise. In such a case, get in touch with our team who will be pleased to answer all your questions.

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Kirillo Byelin
General Manager at The Safe Keeper
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Kirillo Byelin