Best Place to Put Liberty Safe in Home

Best Place to Put Liberty Safe in Home

Even the best Liberty home safe will not provide the owner with a significant level of security being misplaced. Moreover, put in a random place a safe can get damaged or cause damage to property. Before making a decision where to put your Liberty safe, go over our guidelines. We will try to highlight the main threats for your storage, problems that a wrong installation can cause you, as well as to find the best place for a gun safe or any other home storage.

Safe Placement

Frankly speaking, there is no one location that is considered to be the best place to put a Liberty safe in your home. All homes are different. However, there are some tips from experienced safe owners on what to consider and what to avoid in this regard.

Should I Hide My New Liberty Safe?

First and foremost, your safe shouldn't be visible to all your guests. Some of them may have malicious intentions. Hidden Liberty gun safe won't attract attention and thus will provide higher level of security. In order to make your storage less spotted, put it in the closet, disguise it as a piece of furniture or cover it with a door or cloth.

Can I Install My Safe Upstairs?

Asking yourself where to install a Liberty safe in home, please consider that big heavy safes are not recommended for being installed upstairs. It can be hard to move a Presidential model for 50 guns that weighs more than 1,500 pounds to the first floor alone. Moreover, it can cause damage to your floor being placed incorrectly. Most safe companies will have a weight limit of safes they install upstairs. However, if you carefully study safe specifications, align them with your building requirements and find a professional team who will deliver your safe upstairs, you may have one installed there.

Consider This To Avoid Damage of a Safe

Damage that a safe can cause to your home is not the only critical thing to consider while looking for the best place to put a gun safe. Safe can also get damaged being installed in a wrong place. There are three main threats that may concern a safe owner: fire, water and thefts.

Best Place for Fire Protection

Let`s get started with the fire threat. What is the best place to put a safe inside a home to protect it from fire damage? Definitely, it is not smart to put a safe in places more exposed to fire than others, for example, a kitchen.

On the contrary, it is a good idea to place a safe at the corner between two walls on the ground floor and under the sprinkler of the fire suppression system.

Best Place for Flood Protection

If the area where you live is prone to floods, it is advisable to put the safe several feet over the floor. You can build a concrete or steel base to support it. Even if floods are not frequent in your area, the best place to keep a safe at home is a dry one. If there is extra moisture in the room where your safe is installed, it will cause damage to the content as well as to the safe itself.

Best Place for Theft Protection

Obviously, the main question safe owners have is, where is the best place to put a gun safe in terms of protection from burglars? Once and again, we need to remind you to hide your safe from your home visitors. Only a safe no one knows about can be fully protected from being broken in.


In conclusion, it is worth noting that a professional approach to Liberty safe installation can help avoid any concerns about its security and safety. However, following our tips, avoiding wrong locations and analyzing safe specifications, you will definitely find the best place for your gun safe on your own.

Written by

Kirillo Byelin
General Manager at The Safe Keeper
Security Safe Expert
Kirillo Byelin