Are Liberty Safes Suitable for Storing Electronics and Backup Hard Drives?

Are Liberty Safes Suitable for Storing Electronics and Backup Hard Drives?

Our valuables have drastically changed with global digitalization. Previously, we used to worry about security of our precious papers, documents, photos and cash, today all our treasures are stored on hard drives, cards and devices. Instead of looking for a paper vault, we are currently searching for a safe for electronics. Such a safe has a specific purpose to keep electronics protected from fire, flood, and electromagnetic damage, therefore they vary from other types of storage in design and some other features.

We are here to suggest how to store electronics and hard drives properly, showing as an example a fireproof Liberty safe.

How Liberty safes can protect from humidity

As far as we all know, moisture is probably the trickiest of all dangers that can damage digital devices. Storing electronics should be done in a temperature controlled environment. It is better not to install any storage with hard drives and devices away from a bathroom, laundry room and other places susceptible to dampness. But it is also worth admitting that a fireproof Liberty safe has a special structure that helps absorb moisture inside it. Moreover, the brand also offers a variety of dehumidifiers and desiccants that help reduce humidity and thus protect electronics and backup hard drives from moisture damages.

How Liberty safes can protect from fire

Fire and heat are the most dangerous threats for hard drives and other digital things as some parts of the circuit board may get burnt or melt that will make such devices impossible to be used. It goes without saying that hard drives are best stored in a safe for electronics that has special fire and heat protection features. Liberty Safe offers some options of a fireproof safe for hard drives. One of them is Liberty’s Presidential series that has a certified fire protection rating of 2.5 hours at 1200º F. Other good alternatives are Lincoln series storage with a 110 minutes at 1200º F certified fire protection rating and Centurion line with 30-40 minutes at 1200º F fire protection. These safes were designed with the intention to protect backup hard drives and electronics from overheating and damages in case of home fire. They feature a fire-board and Palusol™ expanding door seal as well as a cool pocket for keeping the content up to 50 degrees cooler during a fire.

Liberty Presidential 25 electronics safe for storing electronics and digital devices

Liberty Presidential 25 Gun Safe
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How Liberty safes can protect from water damage

Not only can Palusol™ heat-activated door seals of Liberty safes protect electronics from overheating but also from water ingress. How does it work? When fire happens the door seals expand to fill the gaps in the door frame and no substance can get inside an electronic device storage. It means that an owner of Liberty fire-resistant safe can rest assured that hard drives and other devices will not be spoilt by water.

Use EMP-resistant safe locks from Liberty Safe

Another danger to an electronics safe is an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP). It can damage electronic devices kept inside the safe as well as spoil its electronic lock. Burglars quite often use EMP to damage the electronic device storage. Liberty offers a good solution to prevent it. You may choose an optional dial lock that is proven to be EMP resistant and protect your valuables from EMP threats. Or choose EMP-tested electronic lock.

Small fireproof safe inside your home safe as another layer of protection

Nevertheless, even the best fireproof safe for hard drives cannot be better than two safes. Add an extra level of protection to your Liberty safe by putting a small document safe with a significant fire resistance in it. Some brands offer inexpensive small safes that have UL-rated fire and water resistance, strong lock and quite compact size to fit in your main Liberty safe.


We hope the tips mentioned above will help you avoid any issues related to storing electronics. In case you want to buy a Liberty fireproof gun safe or need more information about how to store electronics and external hard drives, drop in the Safe Keeper Henderson store or contact us.

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