How to open a Liberty gun safe without the combination

How to open a Liberty gun safe without the combination

Life is full of various combinations that we need to remember, but unfortunately, our brain capacity for storing memory is not limitless. No wonder, we always forget really important dates, numbers, passwords, and lock combos.

Sad to say, there is no recipe to cope with remembering everything. But luckily, here is a memo about how to open a Liberty gun safe if you forget the combination.

How to remember a combination

To start with, let`s elaborate on what lock combination is easy to remember. The first six digits of your cell phone, an identification number, the date when your kid or parent was born, etc. can be used for the purpose. Any combination of numbers that is remembered by means of association can be easily stored in your memory. However, this is not always recommended as the potential intruder can try to guess what your combination is, by collecting basic information that can be found online. For this reason a random combination is always recommended.

Key locked Liberty safes

If you`d like to avoid hassle of remembering any combinations, you may choose a storage among Liberty safe gun safes with a key lock. We have a good Ammo Can model with a key lock available at our store in Henderson, NV. But it is not a master-key solution to the problem. Even though you don't need to remember the code to get in, you should either carry a key with you or hide it and remember the hiding spot. There is also a risk that you may either lose a key, forget where you have put it, or even get it stolen.

Why register your Liberty gun safe online

If, despite all precautions, you still got in trouble and lost a safe key or forgot the lock combo, there is still a way out. You may call your dealer and ask them to retrieve a key or a combination. However, in order to do it, you should have your Liberty gun safe registered first. This is a special policy of the brand. Registration is important not only to protect your safe from criminals who may claim to be you and get the combination or key. But also for a number of other reasons.

opening a liberty gun safe

When a Liberty safe owner registers online, they will immediately activate their safe warranty. Such a procedure helps prevent the risk of losing a warranty card sent via mail, and avoid a probability that someone can access it unauthorized, if they get your safe's serial number. But the most significant reason for registering your safe is to record the ownership, that can save the day if you lose your key or forget the combination.

What a combination request form is for

And even if you haven't completed the registration, you have a chance to get the problem fixed. For that, you need to download, print and fill in the Combination Key Request Form. Then you should have it notarized that will prove your identity. And lastly, you are to pay for the service. After Liberty receives the form and payment, they will be able to send you the required combo for opening your Liberty gun safe by email in 3-5 business days.

When to hire a professional locksmith service

In case you need your Liberty safe to be opened promptly, you may hire a professional locksmith to do it. But we recommend you get in touch with Liberty Safe customer support service first. Don't ignore the recommendation, please, otherwise you will void your lock and safe warranties.

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