How much does a Liberty safe weigh?

How much does a Liberty safe weigh?

Frankly speaking, even the smallest safe is not light if it is made of steel.Thus, the answer to the question “How much does Liberty safe weigh?” is as clear as black and white. Liberty safes are heavy, as they are made from thick high quality steel. However, the brand offers a wide variety of safes that differ in characteristics including weight.

Factors affecting safe weight

What are the main factors that impact the weight of a Liberty safe?

Obviously, size and safe design are among the key features that affect the weight. Larger safe requires more material to be built and is definitely much heavier than a smaller one.

Moreover, the majority of Liberty models contain a lot of shelves, drawers and a door storage panel that can add some pounds.

Gauge of steel is another important factor that affects weight. 10 gauge steel weighs 5.625 pounds per square foot whereas a 12 gauge steel is only 4.375 pounds per square foot.

Besides, a lot of heavy security elements such as hard plates, bolts, locks are used to build Liberty safes.

In addition, LIberty safes are built with multiple layers of fireboard that also increases their weight.

All in all, features that make a Liberty safe stronger and more secure increase the final weight of the safe.

How much do Liberty gun safes weigh

Depending on the features mentioned above Liberty gun safe weight varies from 200 to 1,600 pounds. The brand offers both heavier models and lighter ones to choose from.

For example, the weight of Liberty Centurion (the entry level series with the minimal package of security features) for 12 guns is right around 240 pounds. Meanwhile a Presidential model (offers the highest security and fire rating) for 50 guns weighs more than 1,500 pounds.

Liberty gun safes are represented in 7 levels of security. The higher the series is rated, the more features it includes. It means that the same size Freedom gun safe( level 2) is lighter than the USA model ( level 3) and so on.

What about Liberty home safes

Speaking of Liberty home safes, we should mention that they are introduced in the Liberty home and Premium home series. Premium models are a bit more solid and hefty as they have a higher level of security.

Compared to the Liberty Home Safe 12 model ( 375 lbs), Premium 12 model is 45 lbs heavier.

And Ammo Can

Ammo Can is designed as a security storage for ammunition. It comes with 3 Perma-Shelves, each can hold up to 125 lbs of ammo. Ammo Can offers significant protection from burglars however, features less security in comparison to gun safes. Therefore, coming in at 270 lbs, the storage is much lighter than any other gun safe model with the same capacity.


To sum up, it is worth mentioning that quality safes with high level of security weigh considerably more. It means that by checking how heavy a Liberty safe is, you may realize whether this is an entry level model or a high end one.

On the other hand, higher shipping weight of a Liberty safe increases the price of delivery and complicates installation process. In addition, it is hard to choose the place for a heavy safe in a house or apartment as it requires strong building construction.

If you are lucky to have a place where you can install a heavy safe and can afford it, then don't compromise the quality and level of security. The better a safe is, the more peace of mind the owner has.

However, if a heavy weight safe is a concern for you, then give in some features, and find the storage that will meet your requirements.

Luckily, Liberty brand offers a wide choice of safes and options.

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Kirillo Byelin
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