Liberty Gun Safe Organization Ideas: Keeping Your Liberty Safe in Optimal Condition

Liberty Gun Safe Organization Ideas: Keeping Your Liberty Safe in Optimal Condition

Hardly ever can any of us say that we prefer things scattered around rather than being in a good order, in their own places and easily accessible when it comes to our gun safe organization. But let`s assume not all of us know how to do it, some of us forget about it, yet the others are constantly looking for gun safe organization ideas to get more useful space for minimal investments. If you belong to one of the groups mentioned above, go on scrolling down and you will find several useful hacks about how to organize a gun safe.

A gun safe is a secure and convenient way to store your firearms and other valuables. However, to make the most of your gun safe, you need to organize it properly. This will help you to maximize your storage space, protect your firearms from damage and theft, and access them easily when you need them. In this article, we will share with you the best ideas and accessories for gun safe organization, as well as some firearm safety and gun violence prevention tips.

Gun Safe Maintenance & Organization Ideas

First of all, let us focus on gun safe maintenance. Any mechanism requires maintenance from time to time and a safe is not an exception. It needs to be inspected, cleaned and some parts should be lubricated regularly. But gun lubricating oils used excessively may cause some damage. So that your guns won't rust, use dehumidifiers and check them for corrosion from time to time.

Regular Cleaning and Inspections

Cleaning may seem not needed, especially if you constantly use your firearms and put them in their order or vice versa rarely use them. However, it is a big mistake not to clean your gun safe regularly. Dirt, dust and debris might damage not only your safe but your guns and weapons especially if they build up. Try to wipe dust at least once a week, and make a detailed cleaning of your safe every six months. By the way, it will help you with not only prolong the life of your firearms and ensure long term magazine storage but also notice signs of damage or wear and tear of your gun safe during the cleaning process.

Climate Control and Moisture Prevention

It is also worth mentioning that the best way to store ammunition long-term is to do it in a safe with a climate control. Extra moisture and humidity may damage weapons, guns and the gun safe itself. The best level of humidity for keeping your gun safe is considered to be between 30 and 50% at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. In order to prevent moisture buildup and damage caused by it, we recommend you use either desiccants or dehumidifiers. There is a wide range of the things on the market you may choose from. But remember that they need to be replaced or recharged occasionally.

Organizing and Arranging Firearms and Accessories

When it comes to gun safe interior ideas, we need to organize firearms and ammo in the safe so that they become easily accessible, secure, and an owner has enough space for everything. You may choose gun safe layout while buying a safe. But gun safe accessories and shelving ideas may help you customize your safe, add useful space and protect firearms from scratching, dinging and damaging each other. Make use of door organizers, adjustable shelves, racks and stands, handgun hangers, dehumidifiers, lights, magnetic holders, and pistol racks in your gun storage.

1. Door Organizers

A door organizer is one of the most popular and useful accessories for a gun safe. It allows the gun owner to use the unused space on the back of the safe door to store handguns, magazines, documents, money and other small items. A door organizer consists of pockets and pouches of different sizes and shapes, which are attached to the door with velcro, zippers, or buttons. A door organizer not only increases the capacity of your safe, but also provides quick access to the most important things.

2. Adjustable Shelves

Adjustable shelves are another essential accessory for a gun safe. They allow you to customize the interior space of the safe according to your needs and store different kinds of firearms and accessories. Some manufacturers of safes offer shelves with vertical or horizontal adjustment, which allow you to change the width or height of the shelf. Other manufacturers offer shelves with axial adjustment, which allow you to change the position of the shelf up and down, left and right. Adjustable shelves help you to place items of different sizes and shapes in your safe.

3. Racks and Stands

Racks and stands are accessories for storing long guns in the safe. They help you to arrange your rifles and shotguns and prevent them from damaging each other. Racks and stands can be installed vertically or horizontally depending on the configuration of your safe. Vertical racks and stands allow you to store long guns in a row, providing easy access to each of them. Horizontal racks and stands allow you to store long guns in layers, saving space in your safe.

4. Handgun Hangers

Handgun hangers are accessories for storing handguns in the safe. They are metal hooks covered with rubber to avoid damaging the weapon. Handgun hanger is attached to the shelf and inserted into the barrel of the handgun. This allows you to store your handguns under the shelf, saving space and providing convenience of access. Pistol hangers can be sold individually or in the form of racks, which can hold several handguns.

5. Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers are accessories for maintaining optimal humidity levels in the safe. They prevent the formation of rust, mold, and corrosion on your firearms and other valuable items. Dehumidifiers can be electric or silica gel. Electric dehumidifiers are plugged into an outlet or a battery and heat the air in the safe, reducing humidity. Silica gel dehumidifiers are containers with granules that absorb moisture from the air. They do not require electricity, but need periodic reactivation. You can choose the type of dehumidifier that suits your budget and preferences.

6. Lights

Lights are accessories for illuminating the contents of the safe. They help you to see what you have in your safe and find the right weapon quickly. Lights can be installed inside the safe or on the door. They can be battery-powered or wired. They can be activated by a switch, a motion sensor, or a remote control. Lights can be LED, fluorescent, or incandescent. They can be fixed or flexible. You can choose the type of light that suits your safe and your needs.

7. Magnetic Holders

Magnetic holders are accessories for attaching handguns to the walls or door of the safe. They are strong magnets that can hold the weight of the firearm without damaging it. Magnetic holders are easy to install and remove. They allow you to use the vertical space of your safe and create a display of your handguns. Gun magnet can also be used for other metal items, such as knives, tools, or magazines.

8. Pistol Racks

A pistol rack is a type of gun rack that is designed to store handguns in the safe. It is usually made of metal or plastic and has slots or hooks for handguns. A pistol rack can help you to organize your handguns and prevent them from scratching or damaging each other. It can also save shelf space and provide easy access to your handguns.

Securing and Bolting Down the Safe

One more important detail that a safe owner should not omit to provide a secure gun safe setup is anchoring it. It will help you not only protect your weapons from being stolen but also from being damaged in case the safe will be pushed or moved by someone or something. Moreover, if the safe moves, it may hurt you or your family members.

Maintenance of Locking Mechanisms

Liberty gun safe maintenance also involves taking care of a locking mechanism which means inspecting and replacing lock components as needed. Gun safe combination lock maintenance also includes lubricating the dial and bolt works for smooth operation. But it is really important to use quality lubricants for it, otherwise the lock will become gummed-up and should be replaced or restored by a professional locksmith. If your safe is equipped with electronic lock, remember to check and replace batteries.

Fire Protection

Fire resistance of your gun safe should be also under control. It is definitely a bad idea to store flammable materials alongside firearms and place it in a fire prone place. A safe owner needs to know the fire rating of the safe and in case it has seals and insulation, one needs to check them around the door frame for missing sections and cracks.

Professional Servicing and Repairs

Even if you do everything suggested by us, you still may face a situation that will require professional servicing and repair.

For example, safe relockers and slip clutch mechanisms are hard to be adjusted, serviced or fixed without professional assistance as well as insulation, fire seals, lock, hinges and locking bolts wear and tear.

In such a case, get in touch with authorized Liberty safe technicians and make an appointment with one. They will provide their help quickly and your safe will look and work like a new one.


To make a long story short, Liberty gun safe maintenance and organization is not rocket science. Anyone can do it by following our gun safe organization tips and manufacturer's guidelines. But even if some issue with your gun safe may seem hard for you to fix, it is not a reason to worry. Just call the Safe Keeper Henderson team and they will help you to sort it out.

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