Are Liberty safes good?

Are Liberty safes good?

A safe is not something you buy every day or even every year. Most safe owners expect to buy once and use forever. But since nothing is everlasting, it makes sense to invest in a reliable, spacious, durable and convenient storage. Your safe should also meet all your expectations when it comes to security level, interior and exterior design, quality, type of lock and other details. Are Liberty safes good in terms of all mentioned above? Definitely, yes! The proof is in 30 years of the brand`s experience on the market, hundreds of thousands of positive reviews, 98 % customer satisfaction rating, and more than 2 million Liberty safes that have been sold so far.

Made in the USA

Another important argument that proves that Liberty products are really good is the fact that they are not built by an unknown manufacturer that specializes in everything. Rather they are made by a dedicated team of professional gun safe engineers with a thorough American approach to every single detail. You may ask, are all Liberty safes made in the USA? All full-sized units including commercial, gun and home safes are built in their own cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Payson, Utah.

Are Liberty safes high quality?

All Liberty safes are made from high-quality American-made steel and, as we mentioned before, with a careful attention to every detail. They feature UL-rated fireboard and fire ratings ranging from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours. In terms of security, the safes of the brand meet uncompromising quality standards. They come equipped with UL-listed locks, bars, relocking system and solid steel plating for impeccable protection from burglary. If you still doubt if Liberty gun safes are any good? Here is the killing proof. Liberty company is so confident in the high quality of their products that they offer a lifetime warranty against break-in and fire. Isn`t it convincing?

Are Liberty Safes Worth The Money?

If you have another concern, are Liberty safes worth the money? Our answer is 100% yes. Actually, price is another influencing factor that makes Liberty safes bestselling. The price range varies quite a lot depending on the size, level of security, fire rating, design and included customization features. There are more affordable models like Centurion as well as more expensive premium series like Presidential. But all in all, Liberty safes offer the best price quality ratio. Moreover, by offering a lifetime warranty, the brand commits refunding money, altering the safe or fixing it for free.

So How good are Liberty safes?

Hopefully we managed to convince you that safes of the brand are quality products and worth your consideration. We tried to highlight the most significant benefits, however, there are many more. For example we didn't mention convenient 4 in 1 flexible interior design, a number of colors and finishes the safes are available in and useful accessories that help organize Liberty storage. If you still question if Liberty safes are good, the only thing left to do is to try it. The proof is in the pudding, as they say.

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Kirillo Byelin
General Manager at The Safe Keeper
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Kirillo Byelin