Are Liberty safes easy to break into?

Are Liberty safes easy to break into?

When buying a safe, we all want to be sure that their guns and valuables are in a secure place. However, it is not easy to recognize which safe can really withstand burglar attacks. In order to do it, future safe owners need to know the main techniques thieves use for their malicious intentions and what protection safe manufacturers can offer.

When it comes to Liberty safes, it’s important to talk about their attention to detail when it comes to security as well as the overall robustness of their safes.

We compiled a list of the most common break-in methods and the efforts Liberty has taken to protect against those attacks.

Pry Attacks

A pry attack is the most commonly used technique used by burglars. Using a crowbar or pry bar, the burglar will try to pry around the opening of the door. If a safe has vulnerabilities such as big door gaps, weak locking bolts or rivets a burglar who knows what they are doing can get into the safe in minutes.

In order to prevent this attack from succeeding, Liberty engineers fortify their safes by using z-bars and anti-pry tabs. Definitely the most impressive defense Liberty has incorporated is a military-style flat locking bar rather than the typical round locking bolt. This style is used on military naval vessels to batten down hatches. The shape of the bar allows for more efficiently distributed tension which will withstand nearly any pry attempt.

Torque Attacks

Another popular method is by applying as much force as possible on the handle. A safe of poor quality may allow the locking gears to slip which will retract the locking bolts and open the door.

The engineers at Liberty have added some innovative security features such as the Suretight Handle with patent-pending Slip-Clutch Technology. This assures that when the handle is torqued the clutch will slip in order to keep your locking mechanism from succumbing to the pressure.

Peel Attacks

When made of many different pieces, a safe is much more susceptible to peel attacks. A peel attack is when a burglar cuts the seam in order to peel back the steel and gain entrance to the contents of the safe.

Liberty Safe manufactures their safes with only two or three pieces of steel in order to significantly reduce the amount of seams on the safe, making it much harder to cut and peel.

Cutting A Safe Open

In case the mentioned above techniques failed, a goal-oriented burglar would not give up. One would probably try innovative technological approaches. Thieves will use a grinder, a saw, a plasma cutter to cut the metal of a safe body. Although these tools are strong, the chances for robbers to succeed are quite low. Such manipulations require a lot of time. It takes quite a bit to get all the tools set up and then cut through the wall of the safe. Moreover, sawing or cutting makes a lot of noise that can be hard not to hear.

Things are even worse for thieves when attempting to cut into a Liberty Safe. Liberty safes are made with thicker gauge of steel and have embedded pieces of glass or ceramic into the concrete inside the safe.

Safe Bouncing

As for small light safes, a bouncing approach can be applied to open them. The burglar drops down the safe and when the lock bounces, he can quickly turn the handle and open the storage.

Liberty safes have relockers that, when triggered by bouncing, do not allow opening a safe even by means of a key or a combination.

No Safe Is Burglar-Proof

Even though the best manufacturers put a lot of effort into protecting safes from being broken into, noone has ever built a burglar-proof one. Burglars are also smart and have been using more and more sophisticated tools to achieve their goal. However, effective tools and methods are expensive, require special training and take a lot of time. Therefore, they would rather be used to open a bank safe than a home one.

Liberty safes have proven their reliability and robustness in terms of quality and security.
As you probably know, they come for sale equipped with one-piece locking bars, strong bolt coverage, one or several lock hard plates, one or more relockers, a thick 2-piece steel body, a slip clutch mechanism and many other amazing security features.


Furthermore, Liberty Safe offers a limited lifetime warranty on their safes. This means that if your safe is damaged by a burglar or a fire, they will repair or replace broken elements for free.


Having analyzed security features of units manufactured by Liberty, it can be concluded that the safes offer strong protection against burglar attacks. If you need an affordable safe that you can rely on for storing your firearms and weapons buy a Liberty gun safe. Nearly 2 million Liberty Safe owners would agree.

Written by

Kirillo Byelin
General Manager at The Safe Keeper
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Kirillo Byelin