Rifle Rods Starter Kit 20 Pack


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Liberty Rifle Rods Starter Kit 20 Pack for sale is the perfect solution for optimizing firearm storage, offered to you by The Safe Keeper safe and vault store.

These innovative rods seamlessly insert into the bore of your rifles or shotguns, extending all the way to the uppermost part of your storage area. The rod ends feature velcro tabs that securely fasten to corresponding Velcro material sized 30" x 19" beneath the shelf or ceiling, effectively immobilizing your firearms. This ensures that your long guns remain in place, eliminating the hassle of traditional rifle racks.

Liberty Rifle Rods Starter Kit 20 Pack maximizes your storage capacity, allowing you to fit up to 50% more long guns in your gun safe, cabinet, closet, or any other flat surface. This kit accommodates firearms with .22 caliber and larger bores, making it an ideal choice for any long gun collection.

Enhance organization, maximize capacity, and keep your firearms secure. Buy Liberty Rifle Rods Starter Kit 20 Pack at the best price online by placing an order on our website or by visiting the Henderson store in person.