Liberty Cool Pocket


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Liberty Cool Pocket for sale from The Safe Keeper safe and vault store presents a great solution to protect your valuables and documents from fire, heat, and smoke. This product is a fire-resistant document bag that keeps your items 50 degrees cooler (during a fire) when stored inside a fire resistant gun safe.

Liberty Cool Pocket has a proprietary heat shield material that slows the transfer of heat. It also features four expandable one-inch compartments, simplifying the task of sorting and arranging your documents. Additionally, the inclusion of a protective Velcro flap and a double-pull zipper guarantees swift and convenient access to your important papers. This cool pocket has dimensions of 10 inches tall x 12 inches wide x about 3.75 inches when fully expanded.

Buy Liberty Cool Pocket at a great price online through our website or visit our Henderson store to see it in person.