Rifle Rods 6 Pack


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Maximize your gun safe storage with the Liberty Rifle Rods 6 Pack for sale, available at The Safe Keeper safe and vault store. These innovative 16” coated rods allow you to easily customize the organization of your long guns, accommodating up to 50% more firearms in your gun safe or storage space. Perfect for short-barreled rifles, scoped rifles, carbines, youth-sized shotguns, and any long gun that doesn’t fit well into traditional rifle racks.

The Liberty Rifle Rods 6 Pack includes a properly sized velcro sheet for installation under a shelf or to the ceiling of your safe, allowing you to utilize previously wasted space. Expand your storage capacity as your long gun collection grows with available add-on kits.

These rifle rods are designed to fit .22 caliber and larger. Manufactured in the USA, this high-quality product ensures durability and reliable gun storage. Enhance your gun safe organization and buy Liberty Rifle Rods 6 Pack at the best price through our website or by visiting our store in Henderson.