Rifle Rods 17 Cal 2 Pack


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Liberty Rifle Rods 17 Cal 2 Pack for sale at The Safe Keeper safe and vault store is a product that allows you to store your rifles in a space-saving and convenient way. By using these rods, you can fit more guns in your gun safe or storage space, and secure them from moving or falling. The rods are 16 inches long and coated with a protective material that inserts into the bore of your rifles. The rods also have velcro tabs on the ends that attach to the velcro sheet that you install under a shelf or to the ceiling of your safe. This way, you can utilize the previously wasted space and maximize your safe's capacity.

Liberty Rifle Rods 17 Cal 2 Pack is suitable for rifles with .17 caliber bores, which are often hard to store in traditional rifle racks.

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