SecuRam ScanLogic BioMetric Lock (Black)


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SecuRam ScanLogic BioMetric Lock for sale provides you with rapid and reliable access to your safe's contents, ensuring your valuables are always within reach.

This lock uses advanced radio frequency (RF) fingerprint sensor technology that reads your fingerprint from the layer under your skin's surface, reducing the errors that are common in many biometric locks.

SecuRam ScanLogic BioMetric Lock can open your safe in just one second by placing your finger on the sensor. You can program up to three users with five fingerprints per user, making it ideal for both home and office use. The lock is powered by a 9V battery that can last for more than 4,000 openings. You can easily program and change the battery.

This lock is EMP-resistant and undergoes a rigorous quality management protocol to ensure its quality and reliability. The lock has a matte black finish that matches any safe.

You can buy SecuRam ScanLogic BioMetric Lock at an affordable price from The Safe Keeper safe and vault store, either online or in person at our Henderson store. Don't miss this opportunity to get one of the best biometric locks on the market today.

SecuRam ScanLogic BioMetric Lock (Black) Specifications

Security and Durability:

  • Powered by SecuRam®
  • EMP-resistant lock body
  • Each lock undergoes a rigorous 2,000-cycle quality management protocol to ensure quality & reliability
  • 4,000+ openings on a 9V battery

User-Friendly and Convenience:

  • Program up to 3 users with 5 fingerprints per user - excellent for both home and office use
  • 1-second access - place your finger on the sensor, and the lock disengages
  • Easy programming and battery changes
  • Matte black finish