Handgun Hanger Series


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Handgun Hangers from Liberty Safe are an optimal solution for efficient gun storage within your Liberty gun safe. Unleash the potential of the space beneath the shelves, utilizing every inch to securely accommodate your handguns. Crafted with a vinyl-coated finish, these hangers ensure the protection of your firearm barrels, combining functionality with durability.

Experience quick and convenient access to your handguns while maximizing storage space. Handgun Hangers for sale at The Safe Keeper safe and vault store are designed to fit .22 caliber and larger firearms. Suitable for use on shelves with a thickness ranging from 5/8" to 1" and a depth of at least 10", they effortlessly accommodate handguns up to 10" in overall length.

Take advantage of the made-in-the-USA quality, ensuring reliability and sturdiness. Efficiently store and access your firearms with this space-saving solution. Buy Handgun Hangers online from our website, or visit the Henderson store in person.