Dry Rod Dehumidifier Series


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Dry Rod Dehumidifier is designed to protect your safe from moisture and mold. This dehumidifier is a rod that heats up to a surface temperature of around 100-120 degrees F, creating a natural convection that circulates warm, dry air throughout your safe. This reduces the humidity inside your safe by forcing the moist air outside through the small cracks on the safe door.

The Dry Rod Dehumidifier for sale is available in 12 and 18 inch sizes, depending on the size of your safe. It is best to mount it horizontally at the bottom of the safe for optimal performance. You can also mount it against a wall if you prefer. Reducing humidity is a slow process. If you do not observe a decrease in humidity after a couple of weeks, you may want to consider a longer unit or explore our PEET dehumidifier options.

To plug in the Dry Rod Dehumidifier inside your safe, you will need an electrical outlet kit. The electrical outlet kit is standard on all Franklin safes and higher, but you can also purchase it separately.

You can buy the Dry Rod Dehumidifier at an affordable price from The Safe Keeper safe and vault store, either online or in person at our Henderson store.