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Gun Safes

More About Liberty Gun Safes

A Liberty gun safe is considered to be among the bestsellers in the US. The popularity is due to a wide selection of series and models so that even a demanding buyer can find the unit which meets their needs. All Liberty gun safes are made in the USA by means of the brand`s own state-of-the-art technologies. The construction that consists of several layers of fireboard determines the level of fire protection. The steel thickness, door, lock type and certification define the level of security of every model. If you are looking for the best prices on Liberty gun safes, look no further. We are an authorized Liberty gun safe dealer who strives to provide our customers with the widest choice of the products of the brand, offer the best customer services and keep the most affordable prices. For our clients' convenience, we are operating a showroom in Henderson and an online store where they can choose and buy a Liberty gun safe.

Questions & Answers

Where are Liberty gun safes made?
All Liberty gun safes are made in the USA, namely in Payson, Utah. Even the high-quality steel, the safes are built from, is American-made.

How secure are Liberty gun safes?
Security is the first priority of the brand. There is an 8-level security designation system to identify the protection each safe offers. Every Liberty Safe gun safe comes with robust door construction, a sophisticated locking mechanism, and strong locking bars.

How much is a Liberty gun safe?
There are a lot of Liberty gun safes for sale at various prices available at our store. The price depends on size, type of lock, other features, and customization options. Liberty gun safes are more affordable to buy than the same quality units offered by competitors.