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More About Liberty Blockade Series Vault Doors

Liberty Blockade series vault door offers a perfect ratio of price, quality and security level. The model includes a palusol heat-activated door seal to prevent smoke and heat from getting inside the room. Quite significant, 5th level of security, is achieved by means of such features as strong door steel plate, a lock hardplate, a dual relocker and 6 heavy duty locking bars. Liberty blockade vault door is equipped with UL listed electronic lock for high-end protection from burglars. Blockade series has a modest yet stylish look in textured black color with black chrome hardware. There is a convenient 3-spoke suretight handle on it. Liberty Blockade vault door comes for sale only in in-swing option but with either right-hand swing or left-hand swing.

  • Fire Protection: Palusol heat-activated door seal that expands to protect against smoke and heat
  • Steel gauge thickness: Solid door with ¼” steel plate
  • Relocker: Dual relocker locks the door down in the event of attempted brute force entry, Internal lockout mechanism for use as a panic room
  • Locking Bars: 6
  • Locking Bar Thickness: 1/4"
  • Lock Protection: UL listed SecuRam toplit electronic lock
  • Protect The Lock From Attacks: Solid door with ¼” steel plate, Hardplate to protect the lock from drill attacks, Liberty’s exclusive, Ultra-strong locking bars protect against pry attacks
  • Exterior: Available in textured finish, 3-spoke Suretight handle, in-swing, right-hand swing or left-hand swing available

Blockade Series: Base Features and Comparison Chart

Vault Door Blockade
Door Dimensions 78.5" x 29.5"
Walkthrough Clearance Door opens to 90°‚ giving you a clearance of 29.5"
Threshold Height 1.875"
Requirement for clamshell installation (HxWxD) 82"-85" x 38"-42" x 7"-9"
Requirement for bolt-in installation (HxWxD) 82"-85" x 38"-42" x 5" or greater
Hinge Options Both left-hand swing and right-hand swing available
Weight (lbs) 655

MEASUREMENTS: Measurements and dimensions are + or - 1/8" to all measurements for manufacturing variances.