Browning 1878 Series-49T - After Shot Show Sale

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This Product is ONLY available at The Safe Keeper Henderson Location - 4423 Sunset Rd, Henderson, NV 89014.

49 long gun capacity, 45ft³ of storage, 25 x 72 x 43 (D×H×W), 1070 lbs

From the weathered Metal Glaze finish to the rugged security and fire protection features that protect your guns and most valuable possessions, the 1878 is one tough safe. It features the industry-leading Axis Adjustable Shelving interior that let's you configure the shelves to optimize storage to meet your exact demands. Due to variations in the metal used to construct the body and door, every 1878 safe is unique, with an individual look and character of its own. 1878 safes are made in the USA.