Rifle Rods Starter Kit 10 Pack


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Liberty Rifle Rods Starter Kit 10 Pack for sale at The Safe Keeper safe and vault store is your ultimate solution for optimizing long gun storage. Easily customize and maximize your gun safe or storage space with these innovative 16" coated rods. These rods seamlessly insert into the bore of your rifles or shotguns, extending to the "roof" of your storage space. Velcro tabs on the rod ends securely lock, preventing any unwanted rifle movement. This kit includes a 15" X 19" sized velcro sheet, which you can effortlessly install under a shelf or on the ceiling of your safe.

Liberty Rifle Rods Starter Kit 10 Pack is ideal for short-barreled rifles, youth-sized shotguns and rifles, as well as long guns that don't fit well into traditional racks, including scoped rifles. As your long gun collection grows, you can easily expand your storage with available add-on kits.

Maximize your safe's capacity and utilize every inch of available space. This kit is versatile, suitable for use under any flat surface, including gun safes, cabinets, closets, and more. It fits .22 caliber and larger bores and accommodates guns with scopes.

Proudly made in the USA, this kit is a testament to quality and efficiency. Buy Liberty Rifle Rods Starter Kit 10 Pack at a competitive price and take the first step toward optimizing your firearm storage.