Handgun Hanger Back-Under 2 Pack


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Handgun Hanger Back-Under 2 Pack for sale at The Safe Keeper safe and vault store is a revolutionary gun storage solution designed for optimal space utilization within your Liberty gun safe. Crafted with a vinyl-coated finish to safeguard your firearm barrels, it ensures both protection and accessibility.

Ideal for .22 caliber and larger handguns, these hangers are tailored for use on 5/8" - 1" thick shelves with a minimum depth of 10". Accommodating handguns up to 10" in overall length, the Handgun Hanger Back-Under 2 Pack from Liberty Safe offers a versatile storage solution.

Manufactured in the USA, these gun safe pistol hangers are built to the highest standards. Enhance the efficiency of your gun safe storage and gain quick access to your handguns.

If you want to buy Handgun Hanger Back-Under 2 Pack at the best price, you can order it online or visit our Henderson store to see it in person.