Handgun Hanger 4 Pack


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Handgun Hanger 4 Pack for sale is a device that allows you to hang your handguns under the shelves of your gun safe, utilizing the least used space in your safe. It features a vinyl-coated finish that protects handgun barrels from scratches.

Designed to accommodate handguns from .22 caliber and larger, these hangers are compatible with shelves ranging from 5/8" to 1" in thickness, and a depth of at least 10". With the capability to fit handguns up to 10" in overall length, these pistol hangers offer a practical and space-efficient means of firearm organization.

The Handgun Hanger 4 Pack from Liberty is made in the USA and has a high-quality design that will help you organize your gun safe and save space, providing quick access to your handguns when you need them.

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