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More About Safe Security Add-ons

Gun safe accessories are needed to make storage more secure, convenient to use and durable. Gun safe covers protect from dust, scratches and hide from sight. They come for sale in a number of sizes for safes of different dimensions. Good gun safe cloth cover should be made of high quality material that will not trap moisture. Gun safe anchor kit is required to bolt down the storage to the floor. Bolting down makes the safe impossible to be removed and thus, stolen. You can buy a Liberty safe anchor kit for either wooden or concrete floors. Safe Power Outlet Kit enables users to plug in dehumidifiers, laptops, lights and other electrical devices. Gun safe warning stickers inform burglars not to torch or cut the safe or otherwise, they can be injured or even can die.

Questions & Answers

What is included in safe security add-ons list?
The safe security add-ons list includes a few accessories. These are gun safe covers, anchor kits, power outlet kits, security stickers, and others.

How much does Liberty gun safe cover cost?
Gun safe covers for sale feature various quality fabrics. Therefore the price for them can be different. Good quality covers cost a bit more than $40.

How much does Liberty anchor kit cost?
You can buy anchor kits (4 bolts) for a bit more than $9. But kits with more bolts may cost more.