SecuRam BackLit Electronic Lock (Black Chrome)


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SecuRam BackLit Electronic Lock for sale is a great choice for anyone who wants a secure and convenient electronic lock for their safe. This lock features a rugged stainless steel construction and a backlighting keypad that makes it easy to access your safe in dimly lit areas.

SecuRam BackLit Electronic Lock is available as an option on all Colonial and Fatboy Jr. safes, and as a standard feature on Premium and Home Safes (Mechanical Lock not optional). These locks are reliable and high-quality because they are subjected to a 2,000-cycle quality test before leaving the production facility. However, you will need to have it installed by a certified safe technician to keep the warranty active.

You can buy SecuRam BackLit Electronic Lock (Black Chrome) at a reasonable price from The Safe Keeper safe and vault store.

SecuRam BackLit Electronic Lock (Black Chrome) Specifications


  • 1 User Code
  • Motor-Driven lock
  • Automatic relock
  • 5-minute Penalty LockOut upon entry of 4 incorrect codes
  • EntryPad is BackLit; pressing any button activates the Backlighting
  • Powered by a 9-Volt Battery
  • Over 10,000 openings on a 9-Volt battery
  • Color: Black Chrome

How To Use:

  • Enter your 6-digit code and turn the safe handle
  • Easy battery replacement: slide upward on the EntryPad to release it from the snap-fit mounting system and change the 9-volt battery on the back of the EntryPad
  • Easy keypad programming allows for code changes, additions, and deletions. Enable and Disable functions are also available