Peet Dryer Dehumidifier


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Peet Dryer Dehumidifier for sale at The Safe Keeper safe and vault store is an electronic gun safe dehumidifier that circulates warm air inside the safe and lowers the relative humidity.

You have the choice to connect Peet Dryer Dehumidifier to the electrical outlet kit, which is available as an optional accessory on select safes. Additionally, it can be effortlessly connected to a standard 110 outlet, ensuring convenience and flexibility for your specific requirements.

For an optimal experience, we highly recommend considering Liberty Safe's electrical outlet kit for your safe. This kit is pre-installed on all Lincoln safes and above, which simplifies the setup process. If you own or plan to purchase a Centurion, Colonial, or FATBOY Jr. safe, please note that the electrical outlet kit is optional and must be purchased separately.

Peet Dryer Dehumidifier is a standard feature in all Presidential and Magnum safes.

Don't let moisture ruin your guns and valuables. Buy Peet Dryer Dehumidifier at a competitive price online by placing an order on our website or by visiting the Henderson store in person.